The Cowboys Family

Cowboys Western Store and Trailer Sales along with Cowboys Night Club and Cowboys Furniture Store are family owned and operated. Larry Bacque, father and owner, started his first business, Bacque Stables, in 1969. Bacque Stables was a small western store, boarding stables, and children's summer camp. After Bacque Stables, Mr. Bacque opened L&G Turf Supply in 1972. Over time he developed a large, successful business catering to the needs of cowboys and cowgirls called The Horseman Western Store.

Today Cowboys Western Store & Trailer Sales, formerly The Horseman, represents not only our family business, but our lifestyle and our passion. The knowledge we possess to assist our customers comes from a lifetime of hands on experience. Horses and rodeo is a way of life for the Bacque family, and that passion is obvious when we interact with our customers. For the simple reason that we use our products on a daily basis makes it very easy to help our customers find a product that we know will effectively work for them.

Larry Bacque, father and owner, likes all events but is a little biased towards roping and cutting. Mr. Bacque can appreciate a good horse when he sees one, and as a result has had numerous well bred horses come through his barn. His children competed in rodeo and horse shows and he did his best to have them mounted on the best athlete he could find.

The late Ken Bacque, son and brother of the family, was a National Finals Rodeo qualifying calf roper and an outstanding ranch hand. He was what a person would call a "true horseman”. The knowledge and abilities that Ken had when he sat on a horse were qualities that couldn't be taught. Ken was a natural. God gives everyone a special talent, and this was his. "The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man,” is a quote that Ken lived by and has passed to his loved ones.

Polo Bacque, younger brother and store manager, is following in the path that his big brother paved for him. Polo too is a calf roper and a talented horseman. As well as managing the store he trains horses and practices perfecting his trade. While Polo is a calf roper at heart, he's competed in team roping and cutting as well.

Although the rest of the family doesn't compete in rodeo, they all have a soft spot in their hearts for animals. The Bacque family's roots are planted deep and their passion for horses is in their blood. This is what makes our company so competitive. We are able to help our customers in a way that many of our competitors can't.




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